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George's Appliance Service
62 Main St
Cobden, ON
(t) 613-646-2151
In Home Appliance Service
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-5674

The Korner Hutch   

176 Raglan St. S.
Renfrew, ON 

Tel:  613-432-9324

Fax: 613-432-7268

(e)  bob@kornerhutch.com

(i)  www.kornerhutch.com

Proud Member of the Renfrew & Area Chamber of Commerce

Offering only the finest made solid wood  furniture in Pine, Maple, Birch and Oak, choose from a wide variety of stains and finishes to suit any room or have a custom unit designed to suit your needs. Compliment your rooms with any of our home accessories to suit any decorating style.

Martin's Furniture and Doors
1134 Bar Line
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-649-2826
(f) 613-649-2844
(e) frankmartin032@gmail.com

Custom made solid wood furniture and cabinets, to your specifications.  Tables and chairs, wall units, desks, vanities, bookcases, bedroom furniture, fireplace mantels, stair capping, railings, kitchen cabinets and doors, interior doors, mouldings and more in maple, oak, birch, pine, cherry, walnut.  Over 20 years experience.

McPhail & Perkins Furniture Ltd.
142 Raglan Street S
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-4442

(e) sherry-lynn@mandpfurniture.ca
(i) www.mandpfurniture.ca

We invite you to browse our new selection of home furnishings and accessories.
Very tasteful and very affordable.

Noah's Ark
17962 Hwy 17
Cobden, ON
(t) 613-646-2991
Noron Home Communications
250 Raglan St S
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-8614
(t) 1-800-565-0544
(f) 613-432-0726
(e) noron@nrtco.net
(i) www.noron.ca
The Source
Riocan Renfrew Centre
648 O'Brien Rd  Unit #B2
Renfrew  ON
(t) 613-433-8805
The Calabogie Rusic Furniture Company
5258 Murphy Rd.
Calabogie, ON  K0J 1H0
(t) 613-752-1150
(e) mike@calabogierusticfurniture.com
(i) www.calabogierusticfurniture.com

Custom Hand-crafted Furniture
Custom Stairs and Railings
Solid Wood Doors

The Store Next Door
49 Main St
Cobden, ON
(t) 613-646-9888
River Road Refinishing
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-6892
Scully's Carpet & Furniture Cleaning
38 Harry St
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-8626
Stardust Upholstery
973 Gillan Rd
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-2816
Sleepy Cedars Farm
5258 Murphy Rd
Calabogie, ON
(t) 613-752-1150
(e) contact@sleepycedarsfarm.com
(i) www.sleepycedarsfarm.com
We specialize in the design and manufacturing of our line of custom made, hand crafted furniture. All of our furniture is made from the finest wood in the area. Our lumber comes from hand picked trees, logged out of the bush with our own horses. We mill our lumber on site; this ensures that we are getting nothing but top quality material.
Utronki, Al Appliances & TV Centre
15 Argyle St S
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-5318
(f) 613-432-5318
Wood Duck Manufacturing
570 Barnet Blvd
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-433-3253
(e) info@woodduckmfg.ca
(i) www.woodduckmfg.ca

Fireplace Mantels Beams, Cabinets & Accessories
Traditional, Contemporary & Custom Designs
Custom Furniture & Interior Cabinetry

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