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The Town of Renfrew implemented a new five-year accessibility plan in 2013. The plan includes a phased-in strategy to prevent and remove barriers as well as provide training for pertinent employees and volunteers, all of which will meet or exceed the requirements of Ontario’s Accessibility Standards.

According to the plan, the barriers to be addressed in 2014 are as follows:

  • Upgrade to the Town of Renfrew Website
  • Installation of Automatic Doors where required
  • Continual sidewalk replacement to follow Ontario Standards and Specifications
  • Continual traffic light replacement to include audible signals
  • Continual discussions with all Departments concerning accessibility issues or concerns

As the plan progresses through 2017, some of the main places slotted for upgrades are as follows:

  • Ma-Te-Way Activity Centre
  • The Recreation Centre at 67 Argyle Street South
  • Various parks and playgrounds
  • Various streets, sidewalks and intersections
  • Renfrew Town Hall
  • Renfrew Public Library
  • Municipal Services
  • The Post Office Building at 249 Raglan Street South

At the conclusion of the five-year plan all steps will be reviewed and a new five-year plan will be implemented. Renfrew’s long-term goal is to make the town as accessible as possible for residents and tourists alike.