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The primary goal of the Renfrew Business Improvement Area (BIA) is to maintain and enhance the overall appeal and accessibility of Renfrew’s historic downtown shopping district. Although Renfrew has a reputation for having one of most attractive downtowns in the province, the BIA never stops looking for ways to further improve it.

Most recently this involved the removal of parking meters. This was done in an effort to increase the number of visitors as well as allow shoppers to relax and enjoy themselves and to stay in the downtown core longer.

But it’s also the modest, day-to-day maintenance that makes the BIA so important to the town. This includes looking after such things as seasonal banners, tree trimming and lighting, maintaining flower boxes and baskets, painting benches and lanterns.

The BIA is also involved with organizing a number of major seasonal sales events including the Downtown Garage Sale each spring, the July Festival of Family Event, December`s Rekindle the Spirit of Christmas Campaign and others. They also support other community organizations such as the Lion’s Club Santa Claus Parade and the Hog Wild Pork Festival.