Market Farmers

Dobson's Grassfed Beef

Robert Dobson
1907 Snake River Line
Cobden, ON
(t) 613-646-2488-home

All natural, non-GMO grassfed beef, elderberries, raspberries, vegetables


Farmers Market-Renfrew

Railway Ave.
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-8918

Fresh local vegetables, fruit, homemade baking, cut flowers, plants, local honey, preserves and crafts. Open every Saturday morning 7-to noon,
May until October. Railway Ave., in Renfrew.


Good Cheer Gardens

Paul Gallagher
269 Gallagher Rd
Douglas, ON
(t) 613-649-2427-home

Naturally grown non-GMO vegetables, esp. sweet corn, potatoes, turnips, 
beets, squash. Dry Beans, Hay. Farm Gate sales welcome


Green Valley Produce

Justin Barr
3842 Burnstown Rd
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-4733-home

Naturally grown vegetables and fruit (not berries): Beans (Yellow, Green, Purple), Beet, Broccoli, Cabbage, lettuce/salad mixes and a lot more...


Huyer's Produce

Sprucehedge Rd
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-6554-home

 Fresh Vegetables & Strawberries and Raspberries


Jo's Bread

Jo Pilverdier
1264 Sutherland Rd
Cobden, ON

Breads and Buns


McGregor's Produce

351 Lochwinnoch Road
Braeside, ON
(t) 613-432-9726


Fresh Vegetables & Strawberries and Raspberries
Renfrew Market Stand (June to August)
Located at the Canadian Tire, O'Brien Road

Renfrew Farmers' Market
Saturdays from 7 to 11 am.
Located at the Fairegrounds


Mick Farms

Dwight & Grace Mick
894 Mountain Rd
Cobden, ON
(t) 613-735-5575-home

Steaks, roast, ground beef, stew beef, beef sausage, quarter pounders, braising ribs, polish sausage, liver, kidney, heart, tongue, soup bones, oxtail


Beth Church-Miller

Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-6959-home

Baking: Dessert Breads, Squares, Cookies, Tarts, Preserves: Relishes, 
Marmalades, Jams, Pickles


Neat -Coffee Shop

Kim & Adam McKinty
1715 Calabogie Rd
Burnstown, ON
(t) 619-433-3205-home

Fresh Roasted Fair Trade Coffee, Baking


Needham's Fresh Produce

350 Raglan Street South
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-7015

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables


Rainbow Heritage Garden

Kylah Dobson & Jedediah Loeks
1907 snake river line
Cobden, ON
(t) 613-646-2488-home

Organic (non-certified) fruits, vegetables, and beans. Many heirloom varieties.


Stone Farms

Reuben Stone
1316 Ross rd.
Cobden, ON 
(t) 613-281-2734-home

Beef, Hemp hearts (hemp seeds), Cold-pressed Hemp Oils, Whole grains,
Whole grain flours, Cattle manure-based compost


Valley Baby

Sheilagh MacKenzie
282 McBride Rd
Renfrew, ON
(t) 613-432-7259-home

Homemade frozen baby food using locally grown produce,
Frozen in single servings and vacuum sealed.