Dentistry in the Valley
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Dr. Nick Atanasiu
Dr. Diana Atanasiu
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Listening to patients concerns and using existing technology and evidence based dentistry to address those concerns, as well, to strive to meet and exceed any expectations our patients may have.


Dr. Janice King
7 Argyle St S
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Dr. A. I. MacDonald
72 Prince Ave W
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Ringrose Denture Clinic
217 Plaunt St S
Renfrew, ON
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The Ringrose Denture Clinic was established in 1974 and since then has made thousands of dentures. We strive to remain at the forefront of denture fabrication through research, education and unique clinical applications. 
The Ringrose Denture Clinic specializes in Premium Dentures, Biofunctional Dentures and Implant supported dentures.  We are also certified to provide BPS Dentures - The denture that fits your lifestyle.


Dr. George Rouble
72-B Prince Ave W
Renfrew, ON
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