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Quality of Life

The quality of life in the town of Renfrew and its surrounding area can only be described as ideal. With fresh air, clean streets, affordable housing, solid health care, two school boards and abundant recreational options for any season, Renfrew is a great place to live for all ages.

The cost of housing remains well below average, making Renfrew ideal for both young families starting up as well as retirees looking at maximizing their pensions. And as Highway #17 continues to expand, the 40 minute commute to Kanata will only become safer and easier, making Renfrew an idyllic bedroom community.

The Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH) has a staff of 450-plus, state-of-the-art equipment, a variety of specialty clinics, a dialysis unit, and it continues to expand. Phase 1, which involved infrastructure upgrades for electrical, water and sewers as well as a large-scale renovation on the second floor, is almost complete. Phase 2, which involves the construction of a brand new Regional Nephrology Centre, is well under way. The latter is thanks to The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care having granted capital funding of $9,627,900 towards the RVH expansion.

Renfrew supports two school boards; Renfrew County District School Board and the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board. Both Boards have multiple elementary schools and one high school each. There are also daycare centers specializing in early childhood education (ECE).

Seniors have several quality options as well. This includes affordable bungalows for easy home management, senior oriented apartment complexes, elegant assisted living facilities such as Quail Creek, and retirement homes such as the Bonnechere Manor.

Recreation thrives in Renfrew and the surrounding area. With pristine forests, clear lakes, lazy rivers and rolling hills, it is the ultimate outdoor playground for all seasons. And indoor facilities are just as abundant. Whether you like to bowl or curl, shop or eat, join clubs or watch movies, Renfrew has something for everyone.